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Torrid is a women's retail chain formerly owned by Hot Topic. While it is still under the same parent umbrella as Hot Topic, in 2015 the company branched off to become Torrid, LLC. The store offers plus-size clothing and accessories for women and teenage girls sizes 12 - 28. In 2016, Torrid will begin to offer 00 size (size 10) clothing in store as well as some size 5, 30-32 clothing in their stores. Sizes 34-36 are available in some styles online. Torrid began operations in April 2001.


  1. (a.) Violenty hot; drying or scorching with heat; burning; parching.
  2. (a.) Parched; dried with heat; as, a torrid plain or desert.
Word: tor·rid
Pronunciation of torrid: 'tor-&d, 'tär-
Function of torrid: adjective
Origin of torrid: Latin torridus, from torrEre
1 a : parched with heat especially of the sun : HOT <torrid sands> b : giving off intense heat : SCORCHING
2 : ARDENT, PASSIONATE <torrid love letters>
- tor·rid·i·ty /to-'ri-d&-tE/ noun
- tor·rid·ly /'tor-&d-lE, 'tär-/ adverb
- tor·rid·ness noun

Synonyms of torrid

Ardent, Burning, Fervent, Fervid, Fiery, Impassioned, Perfervid, Sultry,