Involvement en


  1. (noun) The act of involving, or the state of being involved.
Word: in·volve
Pronunciation of involvement: in-'välv, -'volv also -'väv or -'vov
Function of involvement: transitive verb
Other forms of involvement: in·volved; in·volv·ing
Origin of involvement: Middle English, to roll up, wrap, from Latin involvere, from in- volvere to roll -- more at VOLUBLE
1 archaic : to enfold or envelop so as to encumber
2 a : to engage as a participant <workers involved in building a house> b : to oblige to take part <right of Congress to involve the nation in war> c : to occupy (as oneself) absorbingly; especially : to commit (as oneself) emotionally <was involved with a married man>
3 : to surround as if with a wrapping : ENVELOP
4 a archaic : to wind, coil, or wreathe about b : to relate closely : CONNECT
5 a : to have within or as part of itself : INCLUDE b : to require as a necessary accompaniment : ENTAIL c : to have an effect on
synonym see INCLUDE
- in·volve·ment /-'välv-m&nt, -'volv-/ noun
- in·volv·er noun

Synonyms of involvement

Affair, Amour, Engagement, Interest, Intimacy, Liaison, Participation,