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  1. (noun) The common heron; -- so called from its note.
  2. (a.) A native or inhabitant of Western Europe; a European; -- a term used in the Levant.
  3. (v. t.) To send by public conveyance free of expense.
  4. (a.) The privilege of sending letters or other mail matter, free of postage, or without charge; also, the sign, mark, or signature denoting that a letter or other mail matter is to free of postage.
  5. (noun) Unrestrained; loose; licentious; -- used in a bad sense.
  6. (a.) A member of one of the German tribes that in the fifth century overran and conquered Gaul, and established the kingdom of France.
  7. (noun) Unbounded by restrictions, limitations, etc.; free.
  8. (v. t.) To shut up in a frank or sty; to pen up; hence, to cram; to fatten.
  9. (v. t.) To extempt from charge for postage, as a letter, package, or packet, etc.
  10. (noun) Liberal; generous; profuse.
  11. (noun) Free in uttering one's real sentiments; not reserved; using no disguise; candid; ingenuous; as, a frank nature, conversation, manner, etc.
  12. (a.) A French coin. See Franc.
  13. (noun) A pigsty.
Word: frank
Pronunciation of frank: 'fra[ng]k
Function of frank: adjective
Origin of frank: Middle English, free, from Old French franc, from Medieval Latin francus, from Late Latin Francus Frank
1 : marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression <a frank reply>
2 a : unmistakably evident <frank materialism> b : clinically evident and unmistakable <frank pus>
- frank·ness noun
synonyms FRANK, CANDID, OPEN, PLAIN mean showing willingness to tell what one feels or thinks. FRANK stresses lack of shyness or secretiveness or of evasiveness from considerations of tact or expedience <frank discussions>. CANDID suggests expression marked by sincerity and honesty especially in offering unwelcome criticism or opinion <a candid appraisal>. OPEN implies frankness but suggests more indiscretion than FRANK and less earnestness than CANDID <open in saying what they think>. PLAIN suggests outspokenness and freedom from affectation or subtlety in expression <plain talk>.

Synonyms of frank

Blunt, Candid, Forthright, Free-spoken, Outspoken, Point-blank, Postmark,