Foment en


  1. (v. t.) To apply a warm lotion to; to bathe with a cloth or sponge wet with warm water or medicated liquid.
  2. (v. t.) To cherish with heat; to foster.
  3. (v. t.) To nurse to life or activity; to cherish and promote by excitements; to encourage; to abet; to instigate; -- used often in a bad sense; as, to foment ill humors.
  4. (noun) State of excitation; -- perh. confused with ferment.
  5. (noun) Fomentation.
Word: fo·ment
Pronunciation of foment: 'fO-"ment, fO-'
Function of foment: transitive verb
Origin of foment: Middle English fomenten to apply a warm substance to, from Late Latin fomentare, from Latin fomentum compress, from fovEre to heat, soothe; akin to Lithuanian degti to burn, Sanskrit dahati it burns
: to promote the growth or development of : ROUSE, INCITE <foment a rebellion>
synonym see INCITE
- fo·ment·er noun

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