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Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. Slower oxidative processes like rusting or digestion are not included by this definition. At a certain point in the combustion reaction, called the ignition point, flames are produced. The flame is the visible portion of the fire. Flames consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen.


  1. (v. t.) To cause to explode; as, to fire a torpedo; to disharge; as, to fire a musket or cannon; to fire cannon balls, rockets, etc.
  2. (noun) Anything which destroys or affects like fire.
  3. (v. t.) To light up as if by fire; to illuminate.
  4. (noun) Liveliness of imagination or fancy; intellectual and moral enthusiasm; capacity for ardor and zeal.
  5. (v. t.) To subject to intense heat; to bake; to burn in a kiln; as, to fire pottery.
  6. (noun) Splendor; brilliancy; luster; hence, a star.
  7. (noun) The evolution of light and heat in the combustion of bodies; combustion; state of ignition.
  8. (v. t.) To animate; to give life or spirit to; as, to fire the genius of a young man.
  9. (noun) Fuel in a state of combustion, as on a hearth, or in a stove or a furnace.
  10. (v. t.) To drive by fire.
  11. (v. i.) To take fire; to be kindled; to kindle.
  12. (noun) The discharge of firearms; firing; as, the troops were exposed to a heavy fire.
  13. (noun) Torture by burning; severe trial or affliction.
  14. (v. t.) To inflame; to irritate, as the passions; as, to fire the soul with anger, pride, or revenge.
  15. (v. t.) To set on fire; to kindle; as, to fire a house or chimney; to fire a pile.
  16. (v. i.) To be irritated or inflamed with passion.
  17. (noun) Ardor of passion, whether love or hate; excessive warmth; consuming violence of temper.
  18. (noun) The burning of a house or town; a conflagration.
  19. (v. t.) To feed or serve the fire of; as, to fire a boiler.
  20. (v. i.) To discharge artillery or firearms; as, they fired on the town.
  21. (v. t.) To cauterize.
Word: fire
Pronunciation of fire: 'fIr
Function of fire: noun
Usage: often attributive
Origin of fire: Middle English, from Old English fyr; akin to Old High German fiur fire, Greek pyr
1 a (1) : the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat (2) : one of the four elements of the alchemists b (1) : burning passion : ARDOR (2) : liveliness of imagination : INSPIRATION
2 a : fuel in a state of combustion (as on a hearth) b British : a small gas or electric space heater
3 a : a destructive burning (as of a building) b (1) : death or torture by fire (2) : severe trial or ordeal
4 : BRILLIANCY, LUMINOSITY <the fire of a gem>
5 a : the firing of weapons (as firearms, artillery, or missiles) b : intense verbal attack or criticism c : a rapidly delivered series (as of remarks)
- fire·less /-l&s/ adjective
- on fire 1 : being consumed by fire : AFLAME 2 : EAGER, BURNING
- under fire 1 : exposed to fire from an enemy's weapons 2 : under attack

Synonyms of fire

Ardor, Arouse, Attack, Blast, Burn, Can, Discharge, Dismiss, Elicit, Enkindle, Evoke, Fervency, Fervor, Firing, Flame, Flaming, Fuel, Kindle, Provoke, Raise, Sack, Terminate,

Antonyms of fire

Employ, Engage, Hire,