Fiery en


  1. (a.) Consisting of, containing, or resembling, fire; as, the fiery gulf of Etna; a fiery appearance.
  2. (a.) Vehement; ardent; very active; impetuous.
  3. (a.) Passionate; easily provoked; irritable.
  4. (a.) Unrestrained; fierce; mettlesome; spirited.
  5. (a.) heated by fire, or as if by fire; burning hot; parched; feverish.
Word: fi·ery
Pronunciation of fiery: 'fI(-&)-rE
Function of fiery: adjective
Other forms of fiery: fi·er·i·er; -est
Origin of fiery: Middle English, from fire, fier fire
1 a : consisting of fire b : BURNING, BLAZING c : using or carried out with fire d : liable to catch fire or explode : FLAMMABLE <a fiery vapor>
2 a : hot like a fire b (1) : being in an inflamed state or condition <a fiery boil> (2) : feverish and flushed <a fiery forehead>
3 : of the color of fire : RED <a fiery sunset>
4 a : full of or exuding emotion or spirit <a fiery sermon> b : easily provoked : IRRITABLE
- fi·eri·ly /'fI-r&-lE/ adverb
- fi·eri·ness /'fI-rE-n&s/ noun
- fiery adverb

Synonyms of fiery

Ardent, Burning, Fervent, Fervid, Flaming, Igneous, Impassioned, Perfervid, Torrid,